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Criminal background checks for potential employees and tenants are an integral part of the hiring and tenant screening process. In order to reduce theft and embezzlement, limit legal exposure for negligent hiring and retention, and increase applicant quality a background check must be conducted. Employers and landlords need to know criminal background information about their employees and tenants in order to ensure employee success and high quality employees and tenants.


When a company conducts a criminal background check, it discourages applications of employees and tenants who might have a criminal background.  There is a potential decrease in discipline problems and insurance costs when employee and tenant background checks are conducted, and can also reduce workplace violence.

Employee Background Checks
Tenant Screening Checks

Companies need to employ diverse selection tools in order to weed out those who are not fit for positions within their organizations. A typical background check will reveal if the applicant told the truth on his application and resume. The background check can include a National Database search, County court search, Person and SSN search, Sex offender search and drug testing depending on your preferences and requirements.










The biggest priority for landlords is for the tenant to pay the rent on time and maintain the rental property. Tenant screening is imperative for landlords in order to compile relevant credit, background and other information needed to adequately vet prospective tenants. Information gleaned from the application can assist the landlord in making an informed decision. The tenant screening can include a National Eviction search, Credit report, Person and SSN search, State Criminal record search, National Database search, Sex offender search and Tenant scorecard depending on your preferences and requirements.










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