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Since our inception, Applicant Check
has been focused on providing our clients with the information they need in order to make smart hiring decisions through the use of our comprehensive background checks.

With the recent and past terrorist threats, workplace violence, and elder and child abuse, the need for employee and tenant background checks is greater than ever before. At Applicant Check, we ensure that you are using the best screening process for your employees and applicants while maintaining compliance. Criminal background checks are required on potential and existing employees to increase applicant quality, reduce liability for negligent hiring and to ensure a safe work environment for existing and potential employees.  Employers in specific industries such as health care, financial services, law enforcement, and education are required to perform criminal background checks under federal or state law.


At Applicant Check, we eliminate the hassle involved in verifying your pre-existing employees and applicants. We provide comprehensive and reliable employment and tenant background checks with a fast turnaround. Our accurate reports, competitive prices and attention to detail, decrease the uncertainty in the hiring and tenant screening process. We verify the information on applicants’ resumes and investigate if there is any previous criminal activity that would affect the security of your company.

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